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Registration open for the 2008 CLC!!

Registration for the 2008 CLC is now open, but will only be available for one week. No registrations will be accepted beyond Monday, April 7. 2008.

Rather than go through a registration process, followed by a cumbersome "goodie order" process, I have decided to combine the two. This year, you will complete the registration details form, then you will be directed to the goodie page. From that goodie page, you will be able to get the registration package, as well as additional goodies.

Please note that the registration package is a requirement this year as I simply cannot maintain info for all participants, and a near identical block of data for those ordering goodies

More information will be presented to you on the registration page. The most important, however, is that registration will only be open for ONE WEEK!!!! Registration will be closed as of 5pm next Monday, April 7. 2008.

Let's Get Looped!!!!!

The 2008 Chicago Loop Cruise

Announcing the Eigth Annual Chicago Loop Cruise!

Plans for this event are developing on a rapid, and somewhat delayed, basis. Please visit this website often for the most recent news regarding the event! You are also encouraged to comment on this post or any other that appears on this page!!! 8-)

Due to scheduling conflicts, we need to run this event one week earlier than usual. The 2008 Chicago Loop Cruise will occur the weekend of April 19th (pre-party Friday April 18th, event Saturday April 19th).

I wanted to get the information out as soon as possible, but many pages of this site still require updates. Information regarding hotels is already current, so please book your hotel rooms immediately!

DO NOT TRY TO REGISTER YET!!!! Registration procedures are still being finalized. I will post a message when registration is open. Any registrations submitted before the official registration process is open will be ignored. Bare with me people!!! :-P

The Chicago Loop Cruise is only successful because of the people who attend, and the generous support of our sponsors. It has been my privilege to enjoy the company of so many I now consider to be great friends due to this event, and others like it. I look forward to seeing you at the 2008 Chicago Loop Cruise!!

= Don =
"Optional Necessity" - Crownline 266 CCR

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