Get Looped!

2017 Chicago Loop Cruise is a GO!

Break out those thermal undies and rain gear!! We are headed for Chicago!!!!

Despite a less than ideal forecast, the 2017 Chicago Loop Cruise is a GO!!! We will likely be running the "Half Looped" route, approaching Chicago from the Illinois Ship & Sanitary Canal and the Chicago River. We will proceed through downtown Chicago all the way to the Chicago Lock but will not lock through. We then turn around and return to Worth.

The Chicago Loop Cruise is much more than a boat ride... We will be having a good time at the hotel beginning Friday afternoon! if it is raining steadily Saturday morning, and shows little chance of improvement, we may choose to wait until Sunday to run the actual cruise portion... but I am very hopeful for a run on SATUDAY!!! Regardless, Saturday night is sure to be a rocking good time back at the hotel, rain or shine!

I know the weather is not for everyone, and certainly understand if you do not want to attend. However, please do everything you can to pick up your t-shirts or make arrangements for someone to get them for you. I do not have my own personal shipping department, so shipping this much stuff is very complicated and costly.

Get Looped!!!!

Final week to register for the 2017 Chicago Loop Cruise

This is it! One week remaining to register for the 2017 Chicago Loop Cruise.

Registration ends next Friday, April 14th at 5:00pm.

And this is what the front of this year's t-shirt will look like!!!!

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