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2008 CLC highly probably

Thanks for all the emails, comments and general messages of support for a 2008 CLC. I know you guys are excited about the event. The enthusiasm and appreciation for this event continues to be the the #1 reason I pour my life and soul into this thing year after year!!!

I am trying to wrap up some details for a 2008 CLC. I need to streamline and simplify this event as much as I can - at least for this year.

I will be updating various aspects of this site over the coming days while also attending to details. If I can bring everything under a degree of control I think I can handle for this year (given other "life" issues going on) - there WILL BE a 2008 CLC. Please do not try to register for the event until I announce that registration is open. Do not even depend on other factual matters of this site to be accurate until I have had the opportunity to update everything!!!

So, stay tuned!!! :-P

PS - I noticed the video slideshows were not working. THEY HAVE BEEN RESTORED!!!! Enjoy the 2003 & 2004 shows! I never found the time to create shows for the event since, but maybe one day I will!

Will there be a 2008 CLC

I'm getting a lot of emails the past few weeks from some excited people who, like me, are bored to death waiting out winter and looking forward to spring. There is much to consider and investigate, as there always is. All I can say for now is:

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