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2019 Chicago Loop Cruise will be June 1, 2019

The 2019 Chicago Loop Cruise will begin Friday May 31st with our pre-cruise meet-n-greet, followed by the actual cruise Saturday, June 1st, 2019.

Registration is not yet open as I need a few weeks to work out details and update the website. Stay tuned but definitely get ready to "Get Looped" for the 19th consecutive year!

2018 Chicago Loop Cruise is a GO

The 2018 Chicago Loop Cruise is a GO!!! I am not sure which direction we are headed yet due to the wind forecast. That decision will be made Saturday morning. A strong possibility is to run the loop in reverse, heading first to downtown Chicago. For those who feel the lake is too rough can turn around and simply return the way they came. Those with larger boats can choose to continue running south approximately 15 miles to Calumet Harbor, then return to Worth via the Cal Sag.

We will be having a good time at the hotel beginning Friday afternoon as the inland forecast looks fantastic! The hotel will have a concession for us in the parking lot with food and beverages available for purchase. Saturday night is sure to be a rocking good time back at the hotel.

If you cannot attend the actual cruise, please stop by the hotel or launch ramp to pick up your shirt(s) or make arrangements for someone to get them for you.

See you all shortly! Get Looped!

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