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Democracy has spoken: 2018 CLC is June 1-2, 2018

Votes have long since been counted, including a few hanging chads! :)

The vote was never close. You folks voted overwhelmingly for postponing the Chicago Loop Cruise to a date that might provide better weather.

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Poll: Should the CLC date be postponed

This year will mark the 18th anniversary of the Chicago Loop Cruise. A few of those years have been warm, dry and even calm. But the vast majority of the past 17 years have been cold and or wet. It is, afterall, the last weekend in April and in Chicago, that can mean weather that ranges from snow to 85 degrees or more... often in the same week.

A lot effort goes into this event. I don't mean t-shirts, but effort on the part of attendees to book hotel rooms, schedule time off work, prepare boats, travel etc. Poor weather generally leads all but the crazy few to cancel, which means all that hard work to prepare to attend this event has been for nothing more often than not. On at least two occasions, the event was completely cancelled due to bad weather for the entire planned weekend.

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