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CLC moving to a new server

The CLC website is being moved to a new server. As a result, the site may experience intermittent outages for the next 24-48 hours. Any outage is not a reflection of what I hope to do for the 2009 Chicago Loop Cruise, just a matter of technical upgrades. Lighten up Francis! :-P

Would someone please tell mother nature to stop raining on us here in Chicago? This is ridiculous!

Anyone ready to "get looped"???!!!!!

2008 Chicago Loop Cruise Registration is CLOSED

Registration for the 2008 Chicago Loop Cruise is CLOSED. While some of the registration links might remain active for awhile, please do NOT attempt to register for the event. I apologize for any inconvenience, but we need to move forward and I simply do not have the spare time to deal with new registrations.

If you are unable to attend this year, again please accept my aplogies. I do, however, encourage you to keep tabs on this site and join us next year, provided there is, in fact a 2009 Chicago Loop Cruise!

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